We’re an award winning Casting team that’s been fleshing out call sheets since 2004.

We cast everything. Live, recorded, short, long, one-offs and series, from musical theatre to feature films. We particularly love casting the mini-dramas, the tiny comedies and micro-documentaries that are TV commercials.

If you’re building one of those around a performance based script then i4 Casting is your new favourite casting team. We’re also known for our uncanny ability to sift through street castings to find the raw talent, and Directors tell us they love the way we work.

That’s because we’re collaborative, consummate professionals who can read minds. Well, it will feel like that. We’re also efficient. Every casting is delivered online as soon as the session ends.

To get in touch, shoot us an email to info@i4casting.com.au

Leon Fryer

Leon casts commercials. All of them, lots of them. Local, offshore, big, small. He’s good at it, at a level that only passion and fifteen years of solid work in the industry can reach. In between commercials he enjoys casting the odd feature film.

When not being high-fived by happy directors Leon loves to play guitar until everyone demands that he stops it, right now. But that love pales in comparison to the love he has for his kids winning things.

To teach them winning isn’t everything, no matter what Dad says, he coaches his son’s under–9 soccer team. Their single victory was achieved during, and possibly as a result of, Leon’s absence. The irony was so rich Gina Rinehart put in a bid.

Finally, he would like everyone to know that somewhere in the world it is rugby season and the Wallabies are in with a chance, even in the games they aren’t participating in.

Joseph Wijangco

Joe’s been casting since ’99. We’d call him an old hand but he started young with a natural flair for the business. He has cast an imperial ton of campaigns, including Cannes Lions award winners.

Along the way he has picked up his own D&AD Pencil for Casting for Film Advertising.

So he knows what he’s doing. And we can’t legally say it is mind reading, but he has a feel for what directors are looking for in a part and has the drive to nail it. If you have a comedy or drama script, for a series or a feature, you want him behind the table.

If he had to cast himself in the perfect role, it would be as the bad guy turned good in a vehicle based action movie franchise. He would do his stunts and win an Oscar, which would be awarded posthumously.

Daisy Hicks

Daisy is one of the youngest members of the Casting Guild of Australia and the only 2017 CGA Award Nominee (for Casting in a Short Film and Casting in a TVC) to have been a contestant on Channel 9’s Millionaire Hotseat.

And all it began on a Dubbo stage at the age of 4. She rode that first wave of applause right of town.

That wave took her to Sydney to undertake a Bachelor of Performance degree, which launched her, via a string of nearly-successful auditions, into Stage Management. Great as it was to manage a stage, especially one back in Dubbo; Sydney, and not being a Stage Manager, was where her heart was.

The rest of her soon followed and she joined the i4 Casting crew. Since joining the team she has cast musicals, theatre, TVCs and short films to great acclaim. She can usually be found in the foyer at opening nights & premieres because Casting Directors know everyone…. also because that’s where the bar is.